Semco Product Range

    SEMCO CNC Lathes

    We offer a wide range of slant bed and flat bed
    CNC lathes for production or one offs.
    From machines with a 100mm chuck through
    to big flat bed lathes with a 1,000mm Chuck

    SEMCO CNC Machining Centres

    We offer a wide range of CNC Milling Machines
    from our Mini Mill through to our big 3,000 mm
    travel machines.

    Semco VMC600 Machining Centre

    SEMCO Drilling Machines

    We offer a range of drilling machines to suit your needs, with options on size and compound tables for light milling aplications. All machines have power feed and coolant as standard. Pedestal drilling, radial arm drilling and mill drill machines, we can offer them all at great prices.

    Semco 45mm Drilling Machine - Semco SD45 Pedestal Drilling Machine

    SEMCO Milling Machines

    The universal milling machine is a must in every workshop with its abillity to do the jobs other machine cant do, with horizontal spindle it can block up, face mill, gang mill. With its universal head it can mill tapers and angles and vertical milling.

    SEMCO Turning Machines

    We can supply you a machine to do the job. From small student size lathes through to big machines for big work. The Gap Bed Centre Lathe is a great machine in any work shop.

    Semco L410 Centre Lathe

    SEMCO Sheet Metal Machines

    With Folding and rolling machines we can offer a suitable machine for your workshop. The box and pan folder has been around ax long time and will be herer for a long time as for one offs and small production runs its the bestr machine for the job.

    Semco BP10 Box & Pan Folder

    SEMCO Grinding Machines

    We offer a wide range of surface and cylindrical grinders with a range of sizes to suit your requirement. With great quality and best prices take a look at what we can offer.

    SEMCO Work Shop Equipment / Tool Grinders

    In this section you will find belt grinders, hydraulic presses and bandsaws of various sizes at great prices.

    BG Belt grinding and linisher

    Semco has been around for a very long time. First opened in 1938 to support the war effort Semco has been supplying the manufacturing industry for a very long time. Working with local and distant companies to improve their performance in manufacturing Semco is the ideal supplier to you in this competitive world.

    We supply single machines through to complete workshop installations. We have experts on can for tooling and fixtures along with all types of CNC applications to help you manufacture quicker and easier.

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