Semco Press Brake Metal Folding Machines.

Semco PB63-3200 CNC Press Brake

We are pleased to offer our extensive range of press brake folding machines for bending metal or folding boxes and enclosures. These machines are well designed and built to last. They are used to make trays, electrical boxes, boxes of all types and sizes. So you think a CNC press is expensive well they are not, with mass production techniques in a purpose built factory it is possible to get the price down. CE & CA Marked.

Available with a choice of sizes.


Press Brake Design & Build.

Our machines are traditionally built to a European design, with two main fabricated parts, with the main frame being the back and the base then the floating ram that rises and falls. Light guards are standard along with a wandering foot pedal and then to improve the whole concept a Estun E21 CNC control. So this makes a great machine package at a great price. Also we include top and bottom standard tooling that will undertake most jobs.


Our delivery companies can deliver your machine and offload it with a variety of ways. Then either drive it in with a versa lift or skate it in to position. Then once its there our fully trained engineers will level and commission it. Once this is done we will train you in its operation.

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