Slant Bed CNC Lathes

Semco SB160 CNC Lathe

Flat Bed CNC Lathes

SEMCO L800 Flat Bed CNC Lathes

CNC Lathes.

Our CNC Lathes are for turning and milling applications in all industries.

CNC Lathe History.

The CNC Lathe started life in the 1970’s with early single line numerical controls, (NC) evolving in the 80’s & 90’s into Computer Numerical Controls (CNC). Today we have full integration with Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM). Making the steps from your PC to a finish product a much easier process. So we can offer machines from simple flat bed 2 axis through to multi axis sub spindle machines to make the full finished part.

Today we can offer machines with live tooling for milling with the option of Y axis for more complicated milling applications. Also if you want to finish the job in one we offer sub spindle machines. So give us a call today and chat to one of our engineers.

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