Vertical Turret Milling Machines

SEMCO TM600 Turret Mill

Horizontal Universal Milling Machines

Semco UM720 Universal Milling machine

Milling and Drilling Machines

Universal turret and vertical millers.

For many years the milling machine has been a pivotal machine in every machine shop. With many options of vertical, turret, universal, horizontal and combinations of these.

The milling machine can be used for blocking up, drilling, gear cutting, boring, reaming, beveling and thickness reduction. And over the years has been a very important part of parts manufacture round the world. Because Semco offers a wide range of machines we can help you with the machine you want.

So a nice little bit of information, during WW2 Semco was involved in supporting the manufacture of the Spitfire. As in they serviced and repaired the machines at the Southampton facility.

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