Semco Surface Grinding Machine

Semco SG800AHD surface grinding machines

Semco surface grinding machines offer an affordable solution to high precision surface grinding with chuck sizes from 500 to 1,000mm. With various down feed options from manual feed, step feed and fully automated PLC feed these machines can do it all. We also include a digital readout to the cross and vertical axis to give a direct readout display (DRO). All machines come with an electromagnetic chuck, wheel dresser, balancing stand, arbor and coolant system as standard.

Available with a range of sizes and options ready for your workshop.

Specifications and Prices.


With Full coolant system with paper filtration, magnetic filtration, overhead wheel dresser.

To achieve a better surface finish than milling surface grinding machines can be used and are also be more accurate. Other applications include grinding hard metals and tool steels like D2 where milling is difficult. The wheels can be formed to grind grooves and channels in hard metals for tool making applications. We have a full range of machines to choose from.

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